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academic tutoring 

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Summer is on its way and so is our academic tutoring sessions with our loved teachers! Click the link for all the details on our summer tutoring program. Whether your child wants to zoom ahead or catch up in math, reading, spelling, writing... we've got you covered! Choose a schedule that fits right into your family's summer shenanigans. Let's make this summer a blast of learning fun!

For detailed information click here for Williston:

For detailed information click here for Minot:

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This summer we're diving into the world of social skills, aiming to conquer 50 awesome social skills within our peer groups! Kids will be grouped by age, and leading the charge is Kennon Lee, our talented practicum student on her way to earning her Masters in Social Work. Together, our team of therapists- Joan Zander, Mental Health Therapist, Katie Kringen, Speech & Language Pathologist, Hailey Axtell, Occupational Therapist have crafted a lineup of super fun activities designed to boost social skills and make socializing a blast!


Click this link for more detail information for Williston:

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